KLAK: the ‘GREEN’ bellow

#KLAK is a bellows. An excellent bellows that our research & development has designed to contribute to the care of our planet. And without losing efficiency, on the contrary! Its patented system allows to resist to workloads greater than traditional … Continue reading

BOOSTERFLEX: Flexible, Integrated, Reliable: LA PROTEC, it Rocks

#INTEGRATE: integration, at all levels, is synonymous with growth. with #Boosterflex this “philosophy” becomes “road” that allows many companies to increase productivity without sacrificing quality. Thanks to a “COMBI” type consisting of filtration + conveyor, compact and safe, Optimum use … Continue reading

Newentry in the BOOSTER Series: here is the MULTIFUNCTIONS THAT WORKS!

#BoosterONE#ALLinONE#PLUGandPLAY We have always believed that innovation must be simple and real. Our “BOOSTER” range grows with a new important product: BOOSTERONE is not only a high pressure filtration and booster unit, with integrated PLC and ethernet connection, but it … Continue reading