Via Sacchini, 29 San Giovanni in Croce 26037 (CR)

La Protec: specialising in components for machine tools

Innovation and reliability involved in the creation of machine tools

Today La Protec stands out for its ability to innovate and has as its object the design, production and marketing of technical items and in particular protection systems for machine tools, with over 50,000 items produced annually and an area of 8,000 square metres that houses 70 employees between production and technical and administrative office.

In particular, the technical department has among its prerogatives, that of studying all customised solutions. For this reason, the company’s vocation for research has grown and matured, leading it to create a Research & Development department with dedicated personnel who study highly innovative solutions and products.

At La Protec we operate in different sectors of intervention dedicated to aeronautics (carbon and composite materials), aerospace, automotive, precision watchmaking, but also in the field of manufacturing and non-ferrous materials.

Let's make your machinery better

We create protection systems for the moving parts of machine tools (to ensure full safety) and residual chip conveyors for the processing of many materials: from metals to wood, filtration systems and machine accessories. In particular, we are involved in the production of:

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    Via Sacchini, 29 San Giovanni in Croce 26037 (CR)