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Coperture telescopiche per aziende

Custom telescopic covers

La Protec leverages cutting-edge technologies to design, manufacture and test custom telescopic covers. We use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art construction systems to ensure exceptional results.

Thanks to our innovative patents, La Protec telescopic covers offer numerous advantages: they protect guides, shafts and screws, even when they are incandescent or in contact with cooling liquids. They offer protection from accidental impacts of tools and utensils, ensuring safety in the workplace. Our covers guarantee a watertight seal and reliable walkability. In addition, they allow high translation speeds and advantageous durability.

We provide customised solutions and work in collaboration with customers to create the ideal project for their needs. We are always available to provide advice and support in the process of designing new covers.

Discover the potential of La Protec telescopic covers and rely on our experience and expertise to obtain maximum protection and performance for your machinery and equipment.

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    Via Sacchini, 29 San Giovanni in Croce 26037 (CR)