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Chip conveyors

La Protec chip conveyors are designed, built and tested applying all possible solutions to make them increasingly functional and reliable. Each conveyor is tailor-made and, where the size requires it, can also be supplied in several detachable pieces.

The materials to be handled are different and of different composition. For this reason, we can respond to the particular processing needs of any material. We have numerous patents applied to conveyors of any size. From the V-design with patented tensioning and ALU+ integrated self-cleaning filter, dredging conveyor, ArmaD, Magnetic, auger of course according to need supplied with different types of belts.


V-DESIGN Hinged Conveyor


The design of this conveyor was studied with care and attention so that the search for modern and harmonious lines would not affect this product’s functionality and efficiency, which continues to boast massive success among our customers.

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The patented tensioning allows the immediate reading of the tension and the automatic recovery of the games. The standard equipment is already of a premium level: reinforced casings, internal curves with a thickness of 10mm, easily accessible maintenance area, integrated cable glands, and covered fins. There are numerous options with which you can complete the configuration of the V-DESIGN.


Arma-D Conveyor


It is a particular conveyor with an armoured belt with overlapping links. This belt is designed for abrasive parts and powders transport applications for:

  • Laser and plasma-cutting machines
  • Presses
  • Machining centres with dry machining
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The only 50-step superimposed mesh that’s available on the market. The shape prevents the passage of abrasive powders, which in standard hinging causes premature wear of the pins and meshes.

With a continuous knit configuration, it guarantees a more than doubled capacity compared to a standard hinge.

With a special profile with continuous fins, it minimises the passage of dust and does not provide support points for scraps and chips.


Magnetic conveyor


Conveyor for small ferrous chips, small metal parts, press cutting scraps or laser cutting.

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Supplied with special neodymium magnets, it uses a special automatic tensioner that increases its efficiency.


Screw conveyor


Conveyor suitable for transporting brass, aluminium, steel, cast iron etc. small shavings without tangling.

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It is built with anti-wear materials and a discharge hopper.


Scraper conveyor


Conveyors with a dredging belt are particularly suitable for applications with small chips, for example, produced by the processing of brass or cast iron. Special execution on request for very fine dry machined chips.

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In addition to having the standard characteristics of our conveyors, this particular product equipped with an ALU+ 400 micron self-cleaning filter for the evacuation of aluminium shavings guarantees an excellent degree of separation of shavings and lubricant.

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