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Innovation Cube

Testing and experimentation: a dedicated space ad hoc for customer needs

«Everything bears the inscription “Beyond”»


Innovation Cube is like a construction site in continuous activity, constantly open and ready to welcome new projects and solutions.

This is what makes it truly innovative: its goal is to constantly challenge established solutions and attempt improvements. We are always looking for new ideas and perspectives because we believe that everything has the potential to go “further”. Innovation Cube represents our constant commitment to overcoming limits and trying to offer increasingly advanced and effective solutions.

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From the constant search for excellence in the sector, we can create innovative solutions to improve processes and simplify management.

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Innovation Cube is a brand used to certify that the final product is the result of an extraordinary work of design and innovation: we create, through special spaces, products in the testing phase to test their effectiveness, also carrying out tests and trials. 

With Innovation Cube, we aim to increase, where necessary, the performance and technical capabilities of components within machinery and processes, thus achieving the objective of growth and development.

The InnovationCube brand is synonymous with warranty, as it certifies that the product made is technologically advanced and has an exclusive patent. For us, research is a fundamental step towards achieving perfection, as we are committed to offering increasingly innovative and superior quality solutions.

Three distinctive advantages of the Innovation Cube:

  • Constant commitment to research: we are convinced that innovation is the result of intense research. For this reason, La Protec is constantly dedicated to studying modern solutions that make our customers’ work easier and easier.
  • In-depth development and testing
  • Fast turnaround

Curious to test our Innovation Cube? Download the brochure or contact us and book your session with our experts!

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